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Theme based bulletin boards in a classroom are not just pleasing to the eye, it’s part of the teaching strategy. With careful planning, the teacher can use this extra space as an extended teaching tool. Use bulletin boards to represent the student’s work, focus on the main elements of current lessons, reinforce past lessons, motivate and encourage, or display important information.

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Instead of one large bulletin board, create different boards that complement each other. Change the bulletin boards regularly to keep it interesting. Winter bulletin boards can focus on

  • the winter season using snow, snowmen, and winter-related themes, or
  • holidays like Christmas with Christmas trees, decorations, presents, and Santa, or
  • the specific month and what it represents.

The boards don’t have to be the teacher’s responsibility. Part of the fun is having the children create the content for the board. The teacher only needs to provide the background for the board and inspire the children to create their artwork. Use everyday items to create textures, effects, and images.

Here are some ideas from fellow educators for winter bulletin boards. I’m sure you’ll find one that could make your classroom cozy and inviting during the cold winter months.


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Christmas Bulletin Boards

  1. Christmas Greetings Around the World. An arrangement of holiday customs and traditions from all over the world to create global awareness.
  2. Warm Wishes for the Holidays. Display Christmas stockings with names around the chimney.
  3. Christmas Acrostic. The word Christmas is used as an acrostic poem to tell the story of Jesus Christ’s birth.
  4. Presents Under the Tree. The Christmas tree is made with the students’ palm-prints surrounded with pockets decorated as presents. Each child cuts outs images from magazines as place as presents into the pockets.
  5. Classroom Christmas Story. Use the format of “The Night Before Christmas” and create your own holiday story using the students’ names in the story.
  6. Reindeer Games. Six reindeer bulletin board ideas to practice writing with interesting reindeer writing prompts.
  7. Stained Glass Winter Tree. Use colored tissue paper to create a stained-glass Christmas tree effect.
  8. Family Matters Most Christmas Bulletin Board. Fold red and green construction paper in half and decorate it to look like a wrapped present. Inside the present, the student draws a picture of their family.
  9. Light-Up Gingerbread Village. A 3D bulletin board with decorated recycled boxes as gingerbread houses and stringed Christmas lights.
  10. Nativity Scene Mural. Creating a sloping mountain with butcher paper and decorate with the nativity scene elements the students made.
  11. Christmas Ornaments. Design personalized ornaments for each student with the student’s picture and a message from the teacher.
  12. Final Exam Stocking Stuffers. Stuff the stockings with tips to help students prepare for exams or tests. It can also be used as an interactive attendance board.
  13. Paint with Cheer. Create a festive mood with paint brush designs dipped in “Cheer-ful” paint.
  14. Fireplace Christmas Bulletin Board. Surround the fireplace with decorated stockings with the student’s name on. Add cocoa cups and candles on the mantle above the fireplace.
  15. Footprint Reindeer. Create reindeers with the children’s footprints and stick it onto the board next to the child’s writing assignment, “If I had a reindeer…”
  16. His Making His List. Alongside the tissue Christmas tree with presents, Santa is holding the list of names of all the “nice” students.

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January & Winter Classroom Board Ideas

  1. Br-r-r-r! Use photos of students to introduce winter and use in social studies to talk about clothing and shelter.
  2. Sliding Into a New Year. Use a cotton sheet for the snow hill to add texture to the board showing winter and New Year.
  3. A Hot Cup of Writing. Each student’s essay is displayed next to the cup they decorated with a winter scene.
  4. Hot Cocoa Math. Students wrote the number of marshmallows they used in the cocoa on the front of the cocoa cup.
  5. Some People Are Worth Melting For. A 14 feet long bulletin board with writing assignments displayed as puddles of melting snowmen.
  6. Cake Paper Plates Snowmen. The family of snowmen will brighten the classroom or hallway.
  7. 10 Winter Bulletin Board Ideas. The variety of bulletin boards include real-life objects like scarves and hats for effect.
  8. Palm Snowman. The snowman is created with the handprints of the children in the classroom.
  9. Bulletin Board Ideas for Winter. A short YouTube video about winter bulletin board ideas that teachers can use in their classroom.
  10. Frozen Olaf Bulletin Board Ideas. Fun ways to get a message across using Olaf from Frozen.
  11. Snowman Bulletin Board. Cut out circles for each letter of a child’s name to create a snowman.
  12. Winter Games. Create global winter games bulletin board representing the sports, country, and medals, with writing prompts for students.
  13. Happy Holidays Winter Snowman and Tree. Set up the tree station in November for the students to create handprint branches and thumbprints for the Christmas lights string.
  14. Wrapping Up Good Work. Decorate examples of the students’ work with gift bows.
  15. Wild About Winter Jungle Theme. Add palm trees to the board if you have a jungle theme.
  16. Tis The Season To Fight The Flu. Add health suggestions for teaching students about spreading germs.
  17. Arctic Animals. Winter bulletin board ideas with arctic animals for different age groups.
  18. December Bulletin Board. Celebrate images of the month incorporating student’s artwork without focusing on the holidays itself.

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Snow-Themed Bulletin Boards

  1. Cool To Be Kind. Snowmen represent kindness actions children can take towards each other on the playground, hallways and in the classroom.
  2. Snowglobes. Students create snowglobes with snowmen.
  3. There’s SNOW Better Time to Read. Eskimo patterns with children’s photos inside cupcake liners promote wintertime reading.
  4. Unique As Snowflakes. Winter poetry written by the kids displayed with snowflakes and photos.
  5. Snowflake Science Activity. Life cycles, drawing, and writing activities with snowflakes for 1st to 4th
  6. Let It Snow. Use pictures of students posing in the snow and then pasting the pictures on fake snow.
  7. It’s SNOW Secret We’re A Great School. Post daily announcements on the board with a snowman, snowwoman, and snow-child stuffed with school paper towels.
  8. Snow Globes Sticker Charts. The set of teaching resources include snow globes stickers to create a reading chart.
  9. Snowology. Introduce one interesting fact about snow to the class using the bulletin board.
  10. Life in a Snow Globe. Attached writing prompts “A day in a snow globe” to the created snow globe with the student inside.
  11. Winter Birthday Wall. Create snowmen for each child whose birthday is in this season and add them to the snow.
  12. Frosty the Snowman’s Baby Picture. Surround a single snowflake with baby pictures of the students.
  13. Our Library Has SNOW Many Great Books. Have snowmen representing readers and book characters playing in the snow.

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Winter Bulletin Board Ideas  | Fractus Learning | (2024)
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