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1 Engineering practices Lab Basic household wiring and calculation of energy consumption, Real, Reactive power calculation, earth resistance measurement Live wire detector, range finder, Megger, Energy meter, all assorted electrical component eeel1
2 Electrical circuit lab To verify basic electrical laws – Ohms law, Kirchhoff’s Voltage and current, Theorems – Super position, Norton, Thevenin, Frequency spectrum of series and parallel RLC circuit Regulated Power Supply, Digital Storage Oscilloscope eeel2
3 Measurement and Instrumentation Measuring Pressure, Resistance, Inductor, Capacitor & Iron loss using kit Galvanometer, Linear variable Differential Transducer eeel3
4 Electron Devices and Circuit VI characteristics of BJT, JFET, Diode, Darlington pair, Photo diode and Thermister, Simulation of half, full wave rectifiers and PWM pulse generation Function Generator, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, all assorted electronics component, PSPICE 6.5 eeel4
5 Electrical machines – I Lab Testing of DC motors – Shunt, Series, Compound, Separately Excited motors with loading arrangement, single, three phase transformer and auto transformer, resistive and rheostat loads DC panel board, MC Voltmeter and Ammeter, Tachometer, various range of rheostatt eeel5
6 Control system Lab Stability analysis of first and second order system, DC and AC Servomotor, DC and AC Synchro, Transfer function of armature and field controlled DC motor MATLAB 7.0 eeel6
7 Power Electronics Lab VI characteristics of SCR, MOSFET, TRAIC and IGBT, SCR based single and three phase controlled converter, step Up and Down chopper, Single phase AC voltage controller, Resonant converter, Voltage / Current commutated chopper, Single and Three phase IGBT based inverter, Transient analysis SCR,MOSFET and IGBT Firing Circuit eeel7
8 Electrical Machine – II Lab Testing of AC motors – Single and three phase Slip and squirrel cage Induction motor, synchronous motor, Turbo and Salient pole three phase alternator. Three phase air core inductor, single phase inductive load AC panel board, Single and three phase Power Factor meter, LPF and UPF Wattmeter, MI Voltmeter and Ammeter eeel8
9 Power System Simulation Lab Simulation of AGC, AVR, drawing load curve, R, L, C, P, Q, Vs, VR, and PF determination of short, medium and long Transmission, Economic power generation with and without Transmission loss, Transient stability analysis by Equal area criterion and Swing Equation, C++ program to determine Ybus and Zbus matrix, LL, LG, LLG, Three phase short circuit fault analysis, Load flow analysis – Gauss seidel, Newton Raphson and fast decoupled methods C++ , MATLAB 7.5 with Power System tools eeel9

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